Dr. Zoobia Ramzan

Dr. Zoobia Ramzan


Dr. Zoobia Ramzan


Assistant Professor




129 Suparco Rd, Mausamyiat adjacent to Dow Ojha, Karachi


MBBS, Dow Medical College (Karachi University)

FCPS, Civil Hospital Karachi, DUHS (CPSP)


1) Postnatal depression in mothers and malnourishment of children (Jan-Mar 2017 JPPS)

2) Frequency of depression in CLD (2018 JDUHS)

3) Stigma of mental illness among medical students (2018 JDUHS)

4) Depression in patients with Pemphigus vulgaris (2018 JPPS)

5) Positive and negative symptoms in schizophrenic patients (2019 JPMA)

6) Pattern of positive and negative symptoms of Schizophrenia patients: Role of patient’s perception, motivation & socioeconomic status (Pale J Physil 2020)

7) Evaluation of Knowledge, Practices, Attitude and Anxiety of Nurses towards COVID-19 during current outbreak in Karachi (Pakistan Journal of Public Health 2020)

8) Prevalence of Nail-biting in Children & its association with mental health in Karachi (Pak J Surg Med 2020)

9) The Psychology & Corona Virus Fear: Are Dentist of Pakistan suffering from Corona Phobia? (JPDA 2021)

10) A comparative study to evaluate COVIA-19 related anxiety & fear among Physicians & Dentists (Ethiopia Medical Journal 2021)

11) Identification of Putative Genetic Variants in Major Depressive disorder patients in Pakistan (Mol Biol Rep 2022)