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Founded in 2012, the School of Public Health (SPH) is a pivotal force in shaping Pakistan’s healthcare future. SPH engages in diverse academic disciplines, including biostatistics, epidemiology, social and behavioral sciences, health policy and management, and nutritional sciences—a pioneering program in Pakistan. Recognizing the nation’s neglect of essential health areas, SPH boasts qualified faculty.

Pakistan faces critical issues in social and behavioral sciences, essential nutrition, policy matters, human resource management in healthcare, and health communication. The prevalence of diseases necessitates a well-trained workforce capable of addressing public health challenges. In response to this urgent need, Dow University of Health Sciences (DUHS) established the first public sector Institute of Public Health in Sindh, training the necessary workforce to meet healthcare demands and tackle emerging health problems in the country.

In response to the neglected areas of public health in Pakistan—such as social and behavioral sciences, essential nutrition, policy issues, human resource management, and health communication—Dow University of Health Sciences recognized the urgent need for well-trained professionals. With the prevalence of diseases in our community, there was a crucial demand to develop a highly skilled workforce capable of addressing these public health challenges. 

In 2012, Dow University of Health Sciences took the pioneering step of establishing the first public sector institute of public health in the province to provide top-notch training, addressing emerging health problems and fulfilling healthcare needs in Pakistan.

Dr. Kashif Shafique

As Principal of the School of Public Health, I envision it as a crucial hub for advancing public health knowledge through education, research, and service. Our mission is to empower students as proficient public health professionals through academic programs and community-based research.

Since March 2013, the program has rapidly evolved, growing from a founding Master’s program into a comprehensive School with various specialty tracks. With over 300 students and qualified faculty in both undergraduate and postgraduate programs, SPH addresses complex public health issues through multidisciplinary research and community engagement.

Explore our public health degree programs at SPH for a challenging and rewarding education, setting you on an impactful career path in the field of Public Health.

To cultivate public health professionals as self-directed lifelong learners, employing an evidence-based decision-making approach. The SPH strives to develop leaders in academia, health-related institutions, international donor agencies, and research institutions.

Higher Education Commission (HEC) Pakistan.

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Our Programs

This program emphasizes evidence-based approaches to program assessment, planning, implementation and evaluation. It is designed to prepare candidates for a variety of careers in a wide range of industries at both national and international levels, including but not limited to provincial and federal health departments, hospitals and medical facilities, local and international non-profit organizations, research and academic institutes.


The academic activities at Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Dow College of Pharmacy are divided into five major disciplines:


Pharmaceutics is the science of drug manufacturing. It involves the processes from new chemical entity turning into a dosage form, modification.

Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Pharmaceutical Chemistry Pharmaceutical Chemistry addresses chemical aspects of drug development, analytical procedures, important reactions involved in quantification and quality testing of


Pharmacognosy focuses on natural sources of the drugs including plants, animals and minerals. This science includes study related to Procurement of.

Pharmacy Practice

Department of Pharmacy Practice was established in the year 2014 Dec. 22nd, as per the requirements set forth by the Pharmacy


Pharmacology is the study concerned with all aspects of actions of drugs and other chemicals on living system.

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Dow College of Pharmacy was established in 2007. It was based on the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences The college is a distinguished

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The Alumni Success Stories below highlight just a few of our almost 9000 remarkable graduates who represent School of Public Health's legacy. We are proud of them, their achievements.

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