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Alumni Introduction

Welcome to the Dow University Alumni Department! We’re here to help you stay connected with your alma mater and fellow alumni.
Our department is dedicated to building and maintaining lifelong relationships between the university and its former students. Whether you’re a recent graduate or a long-time alumnus, we’re here to help you stay informed, engaged, and connected to the university community.
Through our department, you’ll have access to a range of resources and services designed specifically for alumni. These include information on upcoming events, career development opportunities, alumni news and updates, and ways to give back to the university.
We’re also committed to providing a platform for alumni to connect and network with each other. Our online community allows you to stay in touch with former classmates, make new connections, and share your experiences.
In addition to these resources, our department is proud to offer a range of events and programs throughout the year, including reunions, homecoming festivities, and networking opportunities. These events provide opportunities to connect with other alumni, meet current students, and stay connected to the university community.
We’re proud to have a vibrant and active alumni community, and we believe that staying connected with our former students is crucial to the university’s continued success. So whether you’re looking to reconnect with old friends, advance your career, or give back to your alma mater.

Alumni Success Story

Gratitude for the Foundation and Success Achieved at Dow College of Pharmacy, DUHS.

Dear All,

I take immense pride in acknowledging the pivotal role that Dow College of Pharmacy (DCOP) and its esteemed educators have played in shaping my journey to success. The transformation from a novice to a pioneer has been a remarkable journey, one that I attribute entirely to the guidance and nurturing environment provided by this beloved institution.

My time at DCOP was nothing short of golden. The collective efforts of the teaching and non-teaching staff instilled in me not just knowledge, but also love, courage, and unwavering support. The confidence that became an integral part of my personality originated here, setting the foundation for my professional endeavours.

Upon graduating in January '23, I embarked on my professional career as a Project Intern in the Quality Assurance department at Abbott Laboratories. This experience was invaluable, as it paved the way for further opportunities. Despite initial challenges in securing positions at renowned pharmaceutical companies, I persevered. In June, an interview call from Abbott marked the beginning of a promising journey, as they expressed their interest in my profile. Around the same time, I received another opportunity from GSK for a Production department internship, which was a testament to my growing qualifications.

With patience and dedication, I was granted the role of Quality Assurance Inspector at Abbott Laboratories. Today, I take pride in inspecting various production areas, contributing to the quality control processes. These accomplishments, coupled with the privilege of working in esteemed multinational organizations, are a testament to the solid foundation provided by Dow. My gratitude towards my teachers and mentors is immeasurable, as their guidance has been instrumental in my growth.

I am deeply proud to be an alumnus of Dow University of Health Sciences and carry with me the values and skills instilled during my time there. As I continue to progress in my professional journey, I remain indebted to my alma mater and always hold the aspiration to see it among the top institutions.

With warm regards,

Dr. Dania Hashmat

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