Our History


Dow was first established in Hyderabad, Pakistan as a small medical school proposed to grant only the LSMF qualification. Before the Independence, in 1941, the Indian Medical Council in order to introduce a uniform standard of medical education either abolished or raised many medical schools to a university degree level.


In 1943, this committee, which consisted of Dr. Hermends R. Wadhwani, Minister of Public Health; Col. J. E. Gray, Inspector General of Civil Hospitals; and Mr. Abhichand, Executive Engineer, developed the plans for the Dow Medical College. Major (Later Lt. Col.) Aziz K. M. Khan continued this project during the absence of Col. Gray. The college was inaugurated by Governor Maudie of Sind in Hyderabad in 1945. The first batch of the admitted students consisted of forty-five students, among which there was a Muslim girl student named Ms. Fahmida Shaikh. In 1944, a three-member committee consisting of Dr. Molgonkar, Dr. Yodh and Col. Jalal M. Shah recommended moving this institution to Karachi.


The Foundation Stone of the new building was laid in Karachi on December 10, 1945, by Sir Hugh Dow, Governor of Sind, after whom this medical college was named. The medical college was transferred from Hyderabad to Karachi on December 31, 1945. It was temporarily housed in the N.J.V. High School building.


The New Building Dow Medical College started functioning in the new building in November 1946. In December 1946, Bombay University’s team of inspectors recommended to continue its affiliation for the pre-clinical years and a conditional affiliation for the clinical subjects.


The Pakistan’s Independence When Pakistan gained its independence, Dow Medical College came under University of Sind’s jurisdiction. A new committee was appointed by the University of Sind. It visited the institution on December 22, 1947, and recommended full affiliation. It remained under Government of Sind until the central government took over on July 8, 1951. 1953 – PMDC Recognition Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC) gave its recognition to the college in 1953.


The Legislature of Sindh through an ACT established Dow University of Health Sciences with Dow Medical College, Sindh Medical College, and Ojha Institute of Chest Diseases as its constituent entities.

Since its inception, Dow has enjoyed indelible regional and global reputation of producing the best and the brightest physicians and health care providers. As the largest and most comprehensive health sciences system in Pakistan, Dow University of Health Sciences serves as an archetypal for quality and excellence in education, research, and delivery of clinical care for other institutions in the region. This leadership role has been sustained for decades by the intellectual impact of our faculty, staff, and students, which, has manifested itself both within the region and globally.

Continuing its insatiable pursuit for distinction, and under the visionary leadership of Prof. Saeed Quraishy, Dow University of Health Sciences has developed a Strategic Plan (2019-2030) which, is a blueprint for the path that this Institution wishes to adopt in its journey towards preserving excellence in education, research, clinical care, and community service. It outlines its ambitions and aspirations and challenges us to continue to put forth our best efforts. It is truly a bridge that together we will traverse to reach the University’s stated vision, mission, and goals - appositely entitled - A BRIDGE TO EXCELLENCE.