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Dow university of Health sciences established a Financial Aid Office to facilitate students who are not able to pay their fee due to financial circumstances. The financial assistance, scholarships, Qarz-e-Hasna and Loan are available for study at undergraduate & graduate level in all disciplines at DUHS.

The vision of FAO is to operate efficiently so that institutional resources are used wisely and students may pursue their academic goals without distraction.

The primary mission of FAO is to increase the number of funding organization / Philanthropist and signed Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with them.

  • Financial Aid Office notifies all scholarships, as and when announced by the donor organizations
  • Application forms are available at Financial Aid Office & are to be submitted at the Financial Aid Office.


1 HEC Need Based Scholarship
2 Sindh Endowment Education scholarship
3 University of Karachi Alumni Association (UKAA)
4 Abdullah T. Wehwaria and Farhat Aleem Trust Scholarship
5 Ministry of Minority and Religious Affairs, Minority Scholarship
6 Dr. Abdul Aziz Khan Scholarship
7 Punjab Education Endowment Fund Scholarship
8 Office of the Deputy Commissioner Tharparkar, Scheduled caste Students Tharparkar scholarship
9 Professional Education Foundation
‌10 ‌Meezan Bank – Ihsan Trust Qarz-e-Hasna
‌11 ‌Dr Abdul & Zarina Hafeez Shaikh Scholarship & Financial Aid Program
‌1 ‌DUHS offers fully funded MS & Ph.D Scholarship to students of the Muslim world Countries who wish to pursue Higher Education at DUHS.
2‌ ‌DUHS Student Study Loan scheme (Interest Free Loan)

HEC Need Based Scholarships

  • Financial assistance & scholarships are available for study at undergraduate level in all disciplines at the selected public sector Pakistani universities and degree awarding institutions.
  • Students need to compete for securing admission at the participating institution as per admission policy of the institution and be enrolled in Undergraduate (4 Years) / Graduate (2 Years) programs.
  • All those needy students who are already enrolled in the participating institutions are also eligible to apply.
  • The eligibility of a candidate is linked to neediness of the candidate as determined & assessed by the Institutional Scholarship Award Committee, keeping in view the financial background of the family of the applicant and subsequently approved by SMC.
  • The number of G&UG slots will be decided by the universities and subsequently approved by SMC, but more weightage will be given to the UG slots.
  • Funding for G & UG slots will continue for full program and eventually the scholarship slot will be replaced by new students. In case of any drop out, students in the waiting list will be awarded this scholarship as per merit.
  • Disciplines will be kept open. University will decide to include or exclude any discipline keeping in view its grant, program cost, and number of allocated slots etc.
  • In case of Medicine, Pharm-D and other five year programs, funding will be made for complete five years.
  • Considering the allocated grant, the university may adjust the total number of scholarships to some extent in order to cover the tuition fee, as per actual.
  • Every student will be paid Rs. 6000 stipend per month for the complete program, as well as the actual tuition fee.

The deserving students will deposit the complete scholarship application form at the Students Financial Aid Office (SFAO), established at the participating institution as per HEC guidelines. The details of the candidates will be compiled by the Student Financial Aid Office in an evaluation sheet. After completion, the data sheet will be forwarded to the members of Institutional Scholarship Award Committee (ISAC) which includes members from the institution as well as external community members, and is headed by the Vice Chancellor of the participating institution who would ensure impartiality and transparency of the process.

The ISAC committee will make its recommendations on the basis of total family income, total number of dependents, education expenditures, market value of the assets and income versus expenditure assessment of the candidate’s family and its ability to pay the educational expenditures.

The students will be interviewed by ISAC to ensure the authenticity of the information and to cross check the data provided. Based on the review of data, interview of the candidates and, if required, interview with the parents and physical verification of the data. ISAC will recommend potential candidates in order of priority to HEC Scholarship Management Committee (SMC).

  • Students are required to open their account at the bank branch of the institution / university (if available).
  • Provision of undertaking by the selected student to the institution for the following:
  • “That the information provided by him/her in availing scholarship is correct .In case of provision of false information, the admission will be cancelled and any remitted amount will to be refunded.”
  • Certificate by the university that the student is not availing any other scholarship from national or international agency.
  • Transfer of student stipend to student accounts will be on monthly basis.
  • The scholarship will be continued after the completion of a semester only if the progress of the scholarship holder is satisfactory as communicated by the FP who will use the semester result of the students for determining the satisfactory progress. Also in case of any serious misconduct, the scholarship will be withheld / discontinued.
  •  Consolidated record of students’ stipend paid to the students and Tuition Fee adjusted need to be provided by the institutions (on sixth monthly basis).

In case a student is dropped out due to any reason and his/her admission is cancelled by the institution, the SFAO may recommend award of scholarship to the waiting list students subject to the following conditions:

  •   The institution has candidates name included in the waiting list approved by SMC.
  • The academic performance of the waiting list student(s) is satisfactory and students are eligible for promotion to next term / semester.
  • To award the scholarship to the waiting list student(s), the SFAO will forward the relevant case details to HEC for concurrence & formal approval by the Chairman SMC.

HEC will remit scholarship funds to the university / institution from recurring grant on quarterly basis on receipt from Govt. of Pakistan. The University / Institution should adjust the tuition fee and transfer the stipend to the students as per guidelines i.e. students stipend on the monthly basis and tuition fee on semester basis.

The students are to fill in the comprehensive “Students Alumni Form” & “Questionnaire”. Each scholar needs to fill up the forms at university & submit a copy to the Student’s Financial Aid Office within the university after completion of their programs. This is required to help the university as well as the Project Management Unit (PMU) to keep a track record of the students’ achievements/progress after completion of their studies.

DUHS Student Study Loan

The Dow University of Health Sciences is providing financial assistance through Student study Loan which provides interest free loans to eligible DUHS continuing students who are experiencing financial difficulty that is adversely affecting their education. This Financial Assistance is for deserving undergraduate students of DUHS studying in any discipline of undergraduate Program.

The deserving students are hereby advised to obtain application form to the FINANCIAL AID OFFICE, DUHS. The FAO will examine the Application Forms and supporting documents and forward appropriate cases to the DUHS Student Study Loan Committee who will recommend about the approval/non approval and amount of financial help to the students.

The Financial Aid Office, DUHS will receive and process the applications under this scheme..


Study Loan Grant Framework

  • The deserving students will submit the complete application form at the Financial Aid Office through their Institute / College.
  • After completion, the Scrutiny Committee evaluates the application of deserving students and forwards the names of shortlisted students to the Loan Committee. The Committee will make its recommendations.

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