The hostel accommodation in DUHS is campus-vise. At the Main Campus also known as the DMC Campus there is one separate hostel each for the female and the male students. Similarly, there is one hostel each for the female students and the male students at the Ojha Campus. Each of these hostels are blocks of three to four floors. All of these hostels are located at a walking distance from the respective colleges within the campuses. 

The rooms in the hostels are available only on a sharing basis, double or triple. No room is for those who wish to stay alone and occupy room as single, unless justified on medical grounds. There are few larger dorms also which are available in the DMC Campus hostels only. There is no provision for the students admitted in the full time program of DUHS at DMC Campus to be accommodated in the hostels at Ojha Campus and vice versa.

There is limited facility for the female postgraduate residents and house officers both within and outside the campus. There is no hostel facility available for the Day Scholars, Internees and students from nearby Institutes.

The Dow University of Health Sciences has a total of five hostels of its own, including three for girls and two for boys with a total capacity of accommodating 1200 students from varying range of healthcare disciplines on double and triple sharing basis.

The purpose of these hostels is to provide accommodation facilities to the bonafide students of the Dow University of Health Sciences (DUHS) enrolled in full time regular programs, coming from far furlong areas outside the geographical boundaries of Karachi city, with no other residence option in Karachi.

Students availing DUHS hostel accommodation are required to follow specific protocols and guidelines to ensure safety and security for themselves and those in their surroundings. 

Prof. Dr. Ambrina Qureshi

“…where strangers become friends and every day is an adventure!”

Living in a hostel is a unique and an amazing experience. There are a lot of things to know about staying in a hostel. On behalf of the Dow University of Health Sciences Karachi, I would like to welcome all the students, their parents and visitors of the DUHS website and get to know about the hostels of the DUHS.

Before you move on it is important for you to know that a university hostel is a place where students, who have shifted in from other cities for their studies, live; and which is managed and controlled by the university administration. The in-campus hostel is the best opportunity for such students to not only complete their studies but also make them more self-reliant, brave, confident and more practical than other students. 

As per Vision of the Dow University of Health Sciences, we are providing an opportunity to more than one thousand students enrolled in a full time healthcare program of their choice to finish their studies while staying within the campus. These include students inducted in full time undergraduate programs in Medical and Dental Surgery, Nursing, Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy, Biomedical and Dental Technology, Nutrition, Healthcare Management, etc. 

For the last two years, the requirement for hostel accommodation has increased due to an influx of students from other parts of the world, other provinces of Pakistan and other cities of the Sindh outside Karachi to study in the Dow University of Health Sciences. Hostel is allotted to the students at the time of induction in the program based on their merit and their annual academic progress. Applications that are received during the mid of the program session are usually put on the waiting list for the next year start session provided the hostel accommodation is available. 

Since the hostel management is dealing with a variety of students studying in different colleges and schools of DUHS, it is expected that they will equally follow the discipline and code of conduct of Dow University of Health Sciences. It is disclaimed that the hostel allotment is based on any differences due to cast, creed, and color. It is also expected from the hostellers to keep up with the peace and tranquility at the hostel since all students are living away from their homes. The hostel management is available to assist and facilitate resolutions of pertinent issues through collaboration with students, staff and administrations of other departments.

In the end, I would like to wish all the best to the students who choose to apply for hostel accommodation and stay here to complete their program. Remember! “A hostel is not a place; it’s a state of mind- open, adventurous, and full of possibilities”.

An exterior view of Girls Hostel Ojha Campus


An exterior view of Girls Hostel DMC Campus


An exterior view of Boys Hostel, Ojha Campus


An exterior view of Boys Hostel, DMC Campus


Facilities & Services

Although both the campuses have their own Library, Digital Library, Gymnasium, Play grounds, Cafeterias, Mosque and Hospital, there are few additional facilities which are specifically provided within the hostel premises. These facilities include: Study Room (Library) with books, Common Room, Dining Hall, Kitchen, Prayers Room with attached ablution area, indoor games/ gym and outdoor Courtyard. Gas Geysers are installed for hot/ warm water in winters; and full time availability of electricity and Wi-Fi service. 

All rooms are equipped with the basic facility including Bed with a Mattress, study table with a chair and wall mounted wardrobe. The rooms in the Girls Hostel of the Ojha Campus have attached bathrooms whereas in all other hostels there are combined bathroom facilities. Each room at DUHS Ojha Campus is air-conditioned where electricity cost is borne by the students based on its unit usage. 

Waiting and guest rooms are available inside the hostel premises only for the parents and guardians of the residents after seeking prior permission by the warden to visit and meet the resident. 

Security guards, female and male are deployed for the girls and the boys’ hostels respectively, who are available full time inside and outside hostel premises.

An interior view of Girls Hostel, Ojha Campus

An exterior view of Boys Hostel, DMC Campus

Interior views of Hostels at DMC Campus


Views of a Room of Girls Hostel, DUHS Ojha Campus


Views of a Room of Boys Hostel, DUHS Ojha Campus


Rules & Regulations

  1. Application form for the hostel accommodation can be downloaded from the website. Click here.
  2. Application along with all supporting documents can be sent to the Chief Warden for consideration by the Hostel Allotment Committee through the Principal of the College where the student has been admitted.
  3. Applications only at the time of induction in the program will be considered. No application will be considered in the middle of the annual session. 
  4. Confirmation of allotment will be made after the student has produced the payment receipt of hostel fee of one year in advance.
  5. Allotment for subsequent years will be based on the annual examination results and disciplinary remarks by the Hostel Warden.
  6. The Warden office is open only between 8:30 AM to 03:00 PM for necessary official work. Students may submit their requests for gate pass, hostel clearance, hostel leave requests, check-in and check-out permissions during official timings only and are encouraged to submit requests at least 24 hours prior. 
  7. Boarders are expected to maintain discipline, follow code of conduct, and respect the rights of others. They shall not behave rudely or in an impolite manner with the hostel workers or any member of the hostel administration.
  8. No border shall be allowed to possess precious items and excessive cash money unattended in the room or anywhere inside the hostel. The hostel administration shall not be responsible for any loss or damage.
  9. Residents must pay hostel dues by the due date mentioned on the fee voucher; otherwise late fees will be charged upon re-issuance of the voucher. Penalty may also be charged upon cancellation of fee voucher on the request of the student.
  10. The visitors (parents / guardians) whose details are not mentioned in the application form by the student will not be allowed to meet the student in or around the hostel. Meeting timings are only between 12:00 PM to 05:00 PM. No visitors/ guests are allowed to meet the students inside the resident’s room or stay overnight.
  11. Each resident must make necessary entries in the hostel leaving a register at the hostel counter. The resident shall be solely responsible for any consequences in case of missing entries. 
  12. Hostel residents are not allowed to bring in any classmates, colleagues, friends inside the hostel at any point of time under any circumstances.
  13. No electrical appliances are allowed to students inside the rooms. These appliances include, but are not limited to electric iron, electric kettle, hotplate, microwave, oven toaster, electric boiler, standing fan, electric dispenser, TV set, washing machine, dryer etc. Students are encouraged to utilize these or similar appliances available in common places provided by the hostels. 
  14. Under limited circumstances, permission may be sought by the warden prior to moving electrical appliances inside the room. Rupees 700/- will be charged per approved item per month till the duration of allowed usage and its voucher will be issued to be paid in advance. 
  15. No sale and purchase of any items among the hostel residents is allowed. Residents must seek clearance certificate of the item from the hostel warden before selling or moving the item out of the hostel. 
  16. No donations in any form shall be made to any particular individual hostel staff by the residents without prior approval from the hostel authority.
  17. There is zero tolerance for the hostel residents possessing and/ or consuming/ using liquor, cigarettes, drugs and weapons (licensed or unlicensed). If found, the hostel management holds rights of immediate expulsion (without any warning) from the hostel and processes strict disciplinary action that may lead to expulsion from the university.
  18. Once expelled from the hostel, the student will not be allowed to re-apply for hostel accommodation under any circumstances. 
  19. Hostel gates shall be closed between 11 PM to 7 AM.
  20. Keeping the room clean is the responsibility of the hostel residents. Deep cleaning by the Hostel Janitorial Staff will be done only once in a week.
  21. Keeping pets, parking bikes, bicycles, vehicles/ part of the vehicle, sound systems, arms or any deadly weapon and destructive items inside the hostel is strictly prohibited. Hostel administration holds the right to confiscate, without warning, any such items if and when found and report immediately. 
  22. Causing damage and harm to the hostel property, gluing of advertisements/ banners and wall chalking is strictly not allowed in the hostel premises.  
  23. Residents are not allowed to switch, exchange or shift in un-allotted rooms on their own.
  24. Cooking and keeping heaters inside the room is strictly prohibited.
  25. Residents are encouraged not to eat meals inside rooms but to use the main dining hall. 
  26. Hostel residents should restrict themselves from throwing any edible/ food in the dustbins outside their rooms. 
  27. Drinking water can be filled in a liter bottle from the water dispensers available at the main dining hall.
  28. For maintenance and services, the residents must register requests and provide necessary details.
  29. Maintenance and service timings are between 9 AM to 4 PM only. 
  30. No requests for room change will be entertained during the program session. Applications along with written mutual agreement between the roommates of the respective rooms may be submitted at the end of the annual session and before the commencement of next annual session.

Common Study Room/ Hostel Library


Common prayers and ablution area/ Hostel Mosque


Common Discussion/ Meeting Hall


Common Dining/ Mess and Kitchen

An interior view of Girls Hostel, Ojha Campus


Waiting Area for the Visitors


Indoor games


Contact List of the Wardens

Hostel LocationWarden's / Supervisor's NameTimingsEmail AddressExtension No.
Girls Hostel, Ojha CampusMs. Asra Memon08:30 –
Ms. Saima Jonejo22:00 – 07:00sohiaali60@gmail.com2635
Gulistan-e-JauharMrs. Sadia Syed14:00 –
Boys Hostel, Ojha CampusMr. Arif Soomro08:30 –
Mr. Rashid Ali16:00 – 07:00--
Girls Hostel, DMC CampusMrs. Musarrat Hafeez09:00 –
Bath IslandMs. Rimsha Shoukat09:00 –
Girls Hostel, DMC CampusMr. Arif Sarwar09:00 –