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The Dow Skill Development Centre (DSDC) is a rapidly growing entity at DUHS, affiliated with the esteemed Dow University of Health Sciences—one of Pakistan’s leading healthcare institutions. Operating on two fronts, DSDC has a diverse portfolio: empowering marginalized populations around the Dow University of Health Sciences Ojha Campus and supporting DUHS healthcare practitioners. Our goal is to bridge gaps in healthcare services and education through world-class training, contributing to a healthier, more prosperous Pakistan.

The Dow Skills Development Centre (DSDC), formerly Dow Vocational Training Centre, began in 2010 as a DUHS initiative, uplifting low-income households around Ojha Campus. Focused on Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET), especially in Information and communications technology (ICT), it benefits 3,000+ students, aligning with UN SDGs. In 2022, DSDC transformed a stitching unit into a Textile Learning Factory and launched the DUHS Skills Enhancement Programme, targeting 3,000+ employees post-pandemic, welcoming youth and industry professionals for skill development opportunities.

 Dr. Izhar Hussain 

Affiliated with Dow University of Health Sciences, the Dow Skill Development Centre (DSDC) empowers marginalized populations and healthcare practitioners near Ojha Campus. Aligned with UN SDGs, its mission focuses on health, education, and economic growth. In 2022, DSDC initiated projects like the Textile Learning Factory, providing industry-relevant skills and job opportunities. With world-class training, DSDC invites youth and industry professionals to explore programs for skill development in healthcare. Whether you’re a practitioner or aspiring professional, DSDC has opportunities for you.

Dedicated to becoming Pakistan’s top hands-on upskilling provider in healthcare and relevant trades, we align with the country’s commitment to UN SDGs. Our mission is to empower youth and marginalized segments for skill acquisition and financial independence. We also aim to equip healthcare professionals with technical and personal skills, fostering innovation and societal improvement.


Our programmes include various ICT courses (including a nationwide recognized Diploma), specialized tracks for women and young girls in a safe and secure environment e.g. Stitching & Tailoring, and a host of soft skills training via the Institute of Business and Health Management.

All our courses are endorsed or certified by the Sindh Board of Technical Education, Karachi as well as Dow University of Health Sciences. 

Following is a list of our programmes currently on offer:

  •           Diploma in Information Technology
  •         Certificate in Information Technology
  •         Digital Marketing for Social Media (4 Months)
  •         Graphics Design
  •         NVC in Mobile Application Developer Level-2
  •         NVC in Information Technology Web Designing & Development) Level-3
  •         NVC in Information Technology (Computer Operator) Level-2
  •         IELTS Preparatory Crash Course
  •         IELTS Master Trainer Course

In 2022, responding to the rapidly increasing need for quality Health Care personnel in Pakistan, particularly in the aftermath of the pandemic, DSDC initiated the DUHS Skills Enhancement Programme for DUHS. Staff across all spectrums. This is an Annual Hands-on Up-skilling & Training Pathway covering over 3000

DUHS employees are targeted to improve the level of services offered by DUHS Hospitals and Tertiary care Units and for HCPs to excel in their chosen professions. The training courses cover over 30 carefully selected development areas by senior faculty, medical practitioners, and management of DUHS.

  • Infection Control Prevention
  • Operation Theatre Tech
  • Phlebotomy Tech
  • Blood Bank Technical Assistant
  • Critical Care Tech
  • Dental & Oral Care Tech
  • Nursing Assistant
  • Healthcare House Supervisor
  • Wound Care Management
  • Geriatrics & Patients of Terminal Stage
  • Home Health care (including maternity & post-natal)
  • Pharmacy Technical Assistant
  • Lady Health Workers (Midwife) & Lady Health Visitor
  • Emergency First-Aid (Adult and Pediatric)
  • Healthcare Documentation & Regulatory Requirements
  • Conflict resolution (managing violence and aggression)
  • Use of AI and NVivo Software for Qualitative Data Analysis
  • English as a Second Language (ESL)
  • Health Care Counselors
  • Customer Care & Support


  • CIT Certificate in Information Technology (6 Months Course): This program provides a comprehensive foundation in computer information technology, equipping students with essential skills in hardware, software, & networking for quick entry into the job market.
  • DIT Diploma in Information Technology (1-Year Program): Offering an in-depth study of information technology, this diploma covers advanced topics like programming languages, database management, & web development, preparing students for rewarding careers in various IT domains.
  • NVC in Information Technology (Computer Operator) Level-2: This program aims to produce employable computer operators capable of providing services in nearly any industry or organization involving computers.
  • NVC in Information Technology Web Designing & Development) Level-3: This program aims to produce employable web designers and developers capable of providing website designs and development services, including web applications, and fostering entrepreneurship.
  • NVC In Mobile Application Developer Level-2: This course covers basics of electric and electronic devices, safety rules, measurement and test equipment, symbols and colors used in electronic devices, mobile phone display properties, touch systems, memory, battery mechanisms, and connectivity technologies.
  • Digital Media Marketing For Social Media: This course helps build a solid foundation for social media marketing, regardless of your initial knowledge level, empowering you to enhance marketing efforts successfully.
  • Video Animation and Production for Social Media: An intensive, practice-based course covering basics to advanced video editing, motion graphics, and Vlogging skills for creative and financial freedom in the broadcast, film, and digital media industries.
  • Graphic Designing: From designing marketing materials to crafting social media content, this course equips you with tools for a lasting impact in the digital world and insights on freelancing in the global economy.
  • MS-Office (3 months): Enhance productivity with in-depth training on Microsoft Office applications.
  • Stitching & Tailoring: A transformative journey offering underprivileged women valuable skills and craftsmanship under the guidance of Blossom Home Textiles, an industry partner for the Textile Learning Factory Project.
  • IELTS Preparatory Courses: Meticulously designed to enhance language proficiency and exam skills for success in the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) examination.
  • IELTS Master Trainer Course: Specialized course to elevate expertise in IELTS training methodologies and strategies, empowering others in language proficiency goals and examination success.
  • Subsidized Courses for Immediate Career Start, including Healthcare.
  • Situated at DUHS Ojha Campus, DSDC functions as a safe, accessible facility, particularly beneficial for female candidates and those with physical or intellectual disabilities.

Programs for Senior HCPs, Faculty, & Management divided into two tiers: one for technical staff (including experienced workers) and one focusing on senior healthcare professionals.


DUHS Certified Essential Leadership Skills:

  • Leadership and Management in Healthcare: Enhance strategic thinking, decision-making, communication, and problem-solving for organizational change and innovation.
  • Healthcare Governance and Ethics: Practical implementation of healthcare governance, ethical dilemmas, ethical decision-making frameworks, regulatory compliance, quality management, and risk management.
  • Advanced Surgical Techniques and Procedures: Update skills and knowledge in advanced surgical procedures and techniques, explore minimally invasive surgical approaches, and enhance surgical skills through hands-on training, simulations, latest advancements, and emerging trends.


DUHS Certified Essential Digital Skills for Senior HCPs:

  • Digital Transformation in Healthcare: Acquire knowledge and skills to leverage digital technologies for healthcare delivery, exploring electronic health records, telemedicine, and data security.
  • Infection Control in the Digital Age: Understand the role of digital technologies in infection prevention and control, exploring digital surveillance systems, data analytics, and artificial intelligence.
  • Healthcare Data Analytics: Develop skills in analyzing and interpreting healthcare data for improved decision-making, covering data collection, cleansing, transformation techniques, statistical analysis methods, and data visualization for healthcare insights. Explore the application of data analytics in population health management and clinical research.


Dow Skills Development Centre (DSDC) partners with esteemed organizations such as the British Council, Tarbiyat, School of Animation, EZ Shifa, Ihsaas Trust, Institute of Business and Health Management (IBHM), and Dow University Business Incubation Centre (DUBIC) to provide underprivileged students with essential skills and enhance their socioeconomic mobility.

Collaborating with the globally respected British Council ensures DSDC students access top-tier language proficiency certification, particularly in English. Proficiency in English is crucial for global opportunities, and this partnership equips students to excel in a competitive job market.

Partnering with Tarbiyat, a distinguished consultancy, enhances the quality and scope of DSDC’s vocational programs. Tarbiyat’s focus on bridging the gap between education and employment aligns with DSDC’s mission, providing students with a holistic skill development approach.

DSDC expands into animation through collaboration with the renowned School of Animation (SOA), offering students cutting-edge courses and exciting career opportunities in the animation industry. This partnership diversifies students’ skill sets and broadens their career horizons.

In collaboration with EZ Shifa, a prominent healthcare organization, DSDC gains resources and expertise in the medical sector. This partnership enhances DSDC’s vocational programs related to healthcare, meeting the demand for qualified healthcare workers and improving healthcare access in the community.

Ihsaas Trust, a reputable social welfare organization, supports DSDC in empowering underprivileged individuals. By collaborating, they offer a comprehensive approach to social welfare, breaking the cycle of poverty and creating a sustainable future for marginalized communities.

Collaborating with IBHM, DSDC empowers individuals through vocational training and skill enhancement, reaching underserved populations and breaking socio-economic barriers.

DUBIC and DSDC join forces to drive innovation and entrepreneurship, empowering startups and fostering creative growth. Together, they champion economic growth, societal progress, and community prosperity, fueling positive change and innovation.

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