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DUHS offers crucial Medical Technology training with a focus on Allied Health Sciences. The program emphasizes clinical skills, critical thinking, and ethical standards, providing a two-year Associate in Applied Sciences diploma and a four-year Bachelor of Sciences degree. The comprehensive curriculum includes general education, communication skills, basic medical sciences, and clinical practicum. The bachelor’s program offers advanced training in five technologies, ensuring graduates are sought-after healthcare professionals globally. Faculty visits to clinical programs ensure up-to-date knowledge. Graduates become essential team members with diverse employment opportunities.

Vision of the Chancellor to develop human resources in Allied Health disciplines transformed into reality in April 2005 with the inception of Dow Institute of Medical Technology (DIMT) in 2006 under the auspicious and dynamic guidance of Late Dr. Syed Sarwat Hassan. The Institute is one of its kinds where Bachelor of Science in four different technologies namely: Clinical Laboratory Sciences, Respiratory and Critical Care Technology, Surgical Technology and Clinical Ophthalmology Technology were started simultaneously. Later on programs for Occupational Therapy, Dental Hygiene and Dental Care Professional were introduced; which was followed by a B.S program in Perfusion Sciences. The latter three are being offered by their respective Institutes whereas, Perfusion Sciences along with the previous four is still being offered by Institute of Medical Technology.

Prof. Dr. M. Sameer Qureshi

Medical Technology is indispensable in modern medicine, with Covid-19 highlighting the crucial roles in Clinical Laboratory Sciences (CLS), Respiratory & Critical Care (RCC), Surgical Technology, Perfusion Sciences, and Clinical Ophthalmic Technology. Dow Institute of Medical Technology (DIMT) provides a competitive BSMT program in these disciplines for a promising future. The four-year program includes rigorous study, clinical rotations, and a six-month paid internship. Our highly qualified faculty and Academic Chaplaincy for non-local students enhance the learning experience. DIMT graduates boast a remarkable 98% employability rate, with many Perfusionists securing lucrative positions in Kuwait. In essence, DIMT offers top-notch employability akin to IBA.

The BS (MT) program aims to graduate individuals equipped with the necessary competency skills to operate as proficient Medical Technologists at both entry and higher levels within the health profession.

Allied Health Professionals Council (AHPC)

Our Programs

Dow Institute of Medical Technology aspires to be acknowledged globally as a stellar institution and strives to groom students for earning respect & recognition as well as to think & act selflessly for the greater good of all the existence and environment


MPhil in Pharmacology
Mphil in Pharmaceutics
Mphil in Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Mphil in Pharmacognosy
Mphil in Pharmacy Practicetor of Pharmacy – Pham D (Morning and Evening)


  • Ph.D in Pharmacology


The academic activities at Dow Institute of Medical Technology are divided into five major disciplines:

Perfusion Sciences

Deliver quality education in cardiovascular perfusion sciences to meet international and national perfusion community demands. Enhance research skills and innovations in cardiovascular and perfusion sciences. Provide comprehensive clinical training in cardiac and critical care with an evidence-based approach. Foster consistent development in academia through collaboration with the perfusion community.

Respiratory and Critical Care Technology

Strengthen students' understanding of research, novelty, and application of knowledge in Respiratory and Critical Care. Provide evidence-based high-quality care to the local community. Expand and sustain collaboration with the healthcare sector/community. Attract and retain qualified faculty through educational/training opportunities. Increase institutional efficiency by aligning resources with strategic priorities.

Clinical Laboratory Sciences

Offer an undergraduate program to produce competent clinical/medical laboratory professionals meeting national and international standards. Enhance students' capacity in research and development related to Clinical Laboratory Sciences. Support evidence-based diagnostic patient-centered clinical care. Ensure academic productivity and engagement with the local community. Develop a high-quality workforce through continued educational programs and engagement with diagnostic and biomedical industries.

Clinical Ophthalmic Technology

Provide a practice-based learning environment and essential skills in medical knowledge, communication, and surgical techniques. Encourage enthusiasm for program advancement through participation in innovative research conferences. Ensure high-quality education and clinical skills for patient-centered care. Train students in practice management, patient advocacy, ethics, and socio-economic aspects. Develop and maintain problem-solving skills, clinical competencies, and interprofessional collaborative projects.

Surgical Technology

Provide relevant educational opportunities for allied healthcare professionals in surgical care. Develop research capacity and disseminate new skills and knowledge in surgical technology. Deliver evidence-based high-quality clinical practice for surgical patients. Foster collaborative skills and knowledge with the local community. Design innovative projects for fiscal sustainability through communication with various organizations and industries.



Alumni Success stories

The Alumni Success Stories below highlight just a few of our almost 9000 remarkable graduates who represent Dow Institute of Medical Technology's legacy. We are proud of them, their achievements.

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