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At IBHM, we focus on quality education and interdisciplinary research at the crossroads of business and healthcare. Our departments bring diverse expertise to fulfill our mission. Operating alongside ventures like Riva Water Plant and Dow University Hospital, we offer a unique learning environment that sets us apart. Collaborating with disciplines such as Nursing, Pharmacy, and Biotechnology enhances this advantage.

Established in 2007 under the Dow University of Health Sciences, the Institute of Business and Health Management (IBHM) currently provides BBA, MBA, and Executive MBA programs across two strategic Karachi campuses. With around 350 students enrolled in diverse undergraduate and graduate programs, over 200 alumni are actively contributing to esteemed national and international business organizations.

Dedicated to enhancing the learning experience, IBHM is committed to incorporating technology and innovation. Looking ahead, the institute aims to introduce MS and PhD programs in various business and health management disciplines.

Dr. Izhar Hussain

Welcome to Institute of Business and Health Management (IBHM), a premier management institute in Pakistan. Our mission is to instill ethics, critical thinking, and practical skills in our students, fostering their contributions to the economy and healthcare sector. Dow’s legacy began with Dow Medical College in 1945, evolving into a General University in 2004. In 2007, IBHM emerged to offer BBA, MBA, EMBA, and more.

Our dedicated faculty blends evidence-based knowledge with experiential learning, preparing students to excel in business and projects. We envision every student as an entrepreneur or intrapreneur, leveraging our unique location and collaborating with Dow enterprises.

IBHM extends global reach through collaborations with esteemed institutions, enhancing research, faculty, and student exchanges. Our graduates, equipped with transferable skills, excel in diverse industries, particularly healthcare management. Healthcare, a thriving global sector, ensures our graduates are future-ready.

Join IBHM for an education driven by technology, research, and innovation. Together, let’s create value, promoting ethical and entrepreneurial leadership.

Welcome to the House of Dow!

To be pre-eminent management education providers by equipping students with the knowledge and skills to contribute to advancement of the business & healthcare industry, and societal benefit.

Provide relevant, applicable and employable business & health care management education and training.

Maximize technology, research, innovation, entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship in the curriculum to develop future leaders.

Create value for business and society through ethical practices.

National Business Education Accreditation Council (NBEAC)

Our Programs

At IBHM, we focus on quality education and interdisciplinary research at the crossroads of business and healthcare.


Ph.D in Public Health


The academic activities at Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Dow College of Pharmacy are divided into five major disciplines:


Pharmaceutics is the science of drug manufacturing. It involves the processes from new chemical entity turning into a dosage form, modification.

Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Pharmaceutical Chemistry Pharmaceutical Chemistry addresses chemical aspects of drug development, analytical procedures, important reactions involved in quantification and quality testing of


Pharmacognosy focuses on natural sources of the drugs including plants, animals and minerals. This science includes study related to Procurement of.

Pharmacy Practice

Department of Pharmacy Practice was established in the year 2014 Dec. 22nd, as per the requirements set forth by the Pharmacy


Pharmacology is the study concerned with all aspects of actions of drugs and other chemicals on living system.




Dow College of Pharmacy was established in 2007. It was based on the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences The college is a distinguished

Alumni Success stories

The Alumni Success Stories below highlight just a few of our almost 9000 remarkable graduates who represent Institute of Business and Health Management's legacy. We are proud of them, their achievements.

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