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Four year Bachelor of Science program in the discipline of Biotechnology (BS Biotechnology) is conducted at Dow College of Biotechnology (DCoB). The curriculum has been extensively designed to produce competent human resources in the field of biotechnology, and to train graduates to apply scientific knowledge to address the locally prevalent health issues and to cater the industrial needs. The college is also catering the post graduate teaching and research of MPhil and PhD studies enrolled in the field of Biotechnology at Dow University of Health Sciences.

Dow College of Biotechnology (DCoB) is a constituent college of Dow University of Health Sciences (DUHS). A four year BS Biotechnology program has been conducted at DCoB since 2015. The idea of a four year BS Biotechnology undergraduate program to be offered at Dow University of Health Sciences was proposed in September 2015 by then Principal, Dr. Shaukat Ali, who wrote a concept paper for the course to be presented at the Syndicate Meeting of DUHS. Post-approval from the statutory body of the DUHS syndicate, the first batch admissions were announced to initiate for the academic year from January 2016. The BS Biotechnology program later on transformed into a constituent college of DUHS and Dr. Shaukat Ali was appointed as the founding Principal of the College.

The first batch started with the admission of seventy eight (78) students and they were taught by the research and teaching  faculty of Dow Research Institute of Biotechnology and Biomedical Sciences (DRIBBS), Department of Biochemistry and Department of Pathology of Dow University of Health Sciences. Being a multidisciplinary subject, in March 2019, dedicated faculty for Dow College of Biotechnology was established comprising of field related experts in the area of Agriculture, Biochemistry, Bioinformatics, Chemistry, Fermentation Technology, Genetics, Genomics, Infectious Diseases, Immunology, Mathematics, Microbiology and Molecular Medicine. The college is also involved in the postgraduate teaching and research in the field of Biotechnology.

In 2019, Prof. Dr. Mushtaq Hussain, initiated a research on a classical model of genetics, Drosophila melanogaster, with undergraduate students of DCoB of Batch 2016. The work has subsequently expanded significantly and now transformed into a fully dedicated research and commercial facility “Dow Fly Research Lab and Stock Center” inaugurated formally in January 2023 as a component of Dow College of Biotechnology, making it the first public sector facility of its kind within Pakistan. The facility is focusing on scientific investigations and screening of environmental, industrial and pharmaceutical products on Drosophila melanogaster.

Prof. Dr. Mushtaq Hussain

Over the years, Dow College of Biotechnology has progressed exceptionally well and is now known for its academics and research across the country. In recent times, research conducted at Dow College of Biotechnology during the COVID-19 pandemic has been praised both nationally and internationally and has led to some of the best research publications from Pakistan on SARS-CoV-2 with considerable theoretical and practical insights. 

The college has highly qualified (majorly PhD) faculty which are actively engaged in research along with the teaching activities. To ensure translation of theoretical knowledge into practical application, students are encouraged to get engaged with small to advanced level research projects with faculty as they move along during the four years of their education. This approach makes Dow College of Biotechnology unique amongst its contemporaries. The graduates of DCoB along with the faculty in one of the testimonies, wrote in the peer reviewed international scientific journals in the last two years with extensive cross citations in a short period of time. 

Dow College of Biotechnology maintains strong linkage in order to keep students aware of the recent development and demands of the indigenous industries. The college has also introduced a student exchange program with some of the prestigious universities across the globe. 

With the team’s highly competent faculty and supporting staff, I am confident that we will extend our utmost support to the students to excel in their respective careers in order to attain their goals in life. 

I wish all the best to all the current and prospective students of Dow College of Biotechnology, Godspeed.

To nurture world-class biotechnologists with a potential of innovative research and application of scientific knowledge to meet the globally and locally prevalent challenges surrounding our environment, agriculture, food, industry and health sector.

To produce, through extensive education and practical training, skilled graduates in the emerging and dynamic field of Biotechnological sciences.

We also aim to encourage and train students to be skilled enough in order to use their knowledge in becoming entrepreneurs in the field of biotechnology so that the profession may gain honor and advancements to be widespread in the country.

Higher Education Commission (HEC) Pakistan

Our Programs

The idea of a four year Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology undergraduate program to be offered at Dow University of Health Sciences was proposed in September 2015 by then Principal, Dr Shaukat Ali, who wrote a concept paper for the course to be presented at the Syndicate Meeting of DUHS.


MPhil in Pharmacology
Mphil in Pharmaceutics
Mphil in Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Mphil in Pharmacognosy
Mphil in Pharmacy Practicetor of Pharmacy – Pham D (Morning and Evening)


  • Ph.D in Pharmacology


The academic activities at Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Dow College of Pharmacy are divided into five major disciplines:


Pharmaceutics is the science of drug manufacturing. It involves the processes from new chemical entity turning into a dosage form, modification.

Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Pharmaceutical Chemistry Pharmaceutical Chemistry addresses chemical aspects of drug development, analytical procedures, important reactions involved in quantification and quality testing of


Pharmacognosy focuses on natural sources of the drugs including plants, animals and minerals. This science includes study related to Procurement of.

Pharmacy Practice

Department of Pharmacy Practice was established in the year 2014 Dec. 22nd, as per the requirements set forth by the Pharmacy


Pharmacology is the study concerned with all aspects of actions of drugs and other chemicals on living system.



Dow College of Pharmacy was established in 2007. It was based on the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences The college is a distinguished

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