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Established in 1945, Dow Medical College (DMC) is a leading institution in Sindh, contributing to medical education for over 70 years. Affiliated with Civil Hospital Karachi and named after Dr. Ruth K.M. Pfau, it boasts a distinguished faculty and has produced 17,000 alumni globally. The college adopts a semester system, spanning five years and ten semesters, emphasizing an integrated teaching approach that combines theory and clinical practice. Dow University of Health Sciences alumni play key roles worldwide, from academic leaders to research scholars and clinicians.

Founded in 1945, Dow Medical College (DMC) originated in Hyderabad in 1881 and later moved to Karachi in 1946. Dr. Hemandas R. Wadhwani and Sir Hugh Dow played an important role in its establishment. Affiliated with various universities over the years, it became part of Dow University of Health Sciences in 2003. DMC has evolved into a prominent medical institution, offering comprehensive undergraduate and postgraduate studies with a qualified professional faculty.

Prof. Dr. Saba Sohail
Meritorious Professor of Radiology

Celebrating its 75th anniversary, Dow Medical College (DMC) is a distinguished institution with over 21,000 global medical graduates. As an alum leading the alma mater, I take pride in building upon the foundation laid by predecessors. The college prioritizes structured academic teaching, merging basic and clinical knowledge with empathy and character development. Our aim is to inspire graduates towards not just success but also meaningful and humane service. The institution has crafted legends in the medical field, a legacy poised to endure with continued excellence.

To produce a highly competent medical graduate able to provide healthcare and welfare to the community, exhibiting the traits of all the DUHS values stated above.

Pakistan Medical and Dental Council

‌College of Physicians and Surgeons Pakistan

‌Higher Education Commission (HEC) Pakistan

‌Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research

Our Programs

Dow Medical College adopts an annual system, spanning five years, emphasizing an integrated teaching approach that combines theory and clinical practice.




MPhil in Pharmacology
Mphil in Pharmaceutics
Mphil in Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Mphil in Pharmacognosy
Mphil in Pharmacy Practicetor of Pharmacy – Pham D (Morning and Evening)


  • Ph.D in Pharmacology

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Dow College of Pharmacy was established in 2007. It was based on the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences The college is a distinguished

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The Alumni Success Stories below highlight just a few of our almost 9000 remarkable graduates who represent Dow Medical College's legacy. We are proud of them, their achievements.

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