Niaz Hussain Soomro


Niaz Hussain Soomro


Associate Prof. & HOD Thoracic Surgery Ojha Institute of Chest Diseases Dow International Medical College DUHS



Thoracic Surgery Theater, Ground Floor, OICD, Ojha Campus




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1.    A case report on “chest trauma with exposed and protruded lung,Life can be saved with prompt measures ” is published in “Medical News” 2008, March 1-14 issue for general and medical community awareness. The circulation of Medical News is 15,000.
2.    An Article on “Fungal lung disease Aspergillosis” is published in “Medical News” 2008, April15-30 issue.
3.    An Article on “Parasitic lung disease-hydatidosis” is published in “Medical News”2008, May 15-31 issue.
4.    A case report on “Late presentation of traumatic diaphragmatic hernia (TDH)” is published in “Medical News”2008 June 1-14 issue.
5.    A case report on “TERATOMA-Benign germ cell tumour of the mediastinum” is published in “Medical News”2008 June 15-30 issue.
6.    A case report on “Traumatic clotted hemothorax treated by Video-Assisted Thoracic Surgery (VATS)” is published in “Medical News”2008 August 1-14 issue.