Dr. Salman Ahmed Khan

Dr. Salman Ahmed Khan


Dr. Salman Ahmed Khan


Assistant Professor




Dow College of Biotechnology, Serobiology Building, 3rd Floor, DUHS, Ojha Campus


PhD Molecular Medicine PCMD, ICCBS, Karachi University


  • Khan, S. A., Shakeel, M., Mughal, A. J., Irfan, M., Hoessli, D. C., Choudhary, M. I., Aurongzaib, & Khan, I. A. (2021). Distinct genetic landscape and a low response to doxorubicin in a luminal-A breast cancer cell line of Pakistani origin. Molecular Biology Reports, 48(10), 6821-6829. 
  • • Oladimeji, A. O., Oladosu, I. A., Ali, M. S., Khan, S. A., & Yousuf, S. (2016). Cytotoxic effect of hederagenin on NCI-H460, human non-small lung cancer cells and its free radical scavenging activities. Journal of Biologically Active Products from Nature, 6(5-6), 365-372.
  • • Aliyu, M., Odunola, O. A., Farooq, A. D., Rasheed, H., Mesaik, A. M., Choudhary, M. I. Choudhary, Salman A. Khan & Erukainure, O. L. (2013). Molecular mechanism of antiproliferation potential of Acacia honey on NCI-H460 cell line. Nutrition and Cancer, 65(2), 296-304.