Adnan Ahmed

Adnan Ahmed


Adnan Ahmed


Visiting Faculty - Strategic Business Consultant / BOD Member / Visiting Faculty (IBA)


M.Phil. (IoBM), MBA (IBA), & BBA Hons. (IBA), Ph.D. (In Progress from UniKL, Malaysia)


1.    Retention of employees in the Fast -Food Industry of Pakistan    Journal of Contemporary Issues in Business and Government, 2021, Volume 27, Issue 5, Pages 627-643
2.    The Role of Social Commerce towards Purchase Intention of Fast Food amongst Karachites in PostCOVID-19: A Moderating Effect of SERVQUAL    Human Nature Journal of Social Sciences Vol.4, No.2 (June, 2023), Pp.672-690 ISSN(online): 2788-5240, ISSN(print):2788-5232