Ms. Humera Asrar

Ms. Humera Asrar


Ms. Humera Asrar


Lecturer / NBEAC Focal Person



Faculty Room 2, Institute of Business and Health Management, 4th Floor of IoN Building, Dow University of Health Sciences (Ojha Campus), Karachi.


M.Phil. (Business Management)


Research Publications:

  1. Asrar,H; Amen,U; Sumayya,U and Butt, A. (2021). Impact of Workplace Bullying on Psychological Wellbeing of Doctors in Health Care Sector of Karachi. Journal of Entrepreneurship, Management, and Innovation, 3(2), 429 - 443.
  2. Asrar, H., and Rizwan, M. (2016). Factors affecting the job satisfaction of female  employees in Karachi. Market Forces, 11(2).
  3. Rizwan, M., Asrar, H., Siddiqui, N., and Usmani, W. (2016). The Impact of Corporate Governance on Financial Performance: An Empirical. International Journal of Management Sciences and Business Research.
  4. Asrar, H.,  Rizwan, and Usmani, W. (2015). Analysis of Performance Management System in Pakistan Banking Industry. International Journal of Management Sciences and Business Research, Jan-2015 ISSN (2226-8235) Vol-4, Issue 1
  5. Rizwan, M., Pasha, S., Asrar, H., and Siddiqui, k. (2015). Impact of Privatization in Banking Sector: A Case Study of MCB and ABL. Journal of Business and Management.DOI: 10.9790/487X-171195100