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About Gamma Knife Radiosurgery Center

The Dow University Hospital’s Gamma Knife Radiosurgery Centre in Pakistan is the first public facility offering advanced, non-invasive brain lesion treatment. Using precise gamma radiation, it targets specific areas without harming surrounding healthy tissues. Led by experts in neurosurgery and radiation oncology, the center emphasizes innovative care and elevates healthcare standards.


At Dow University Hospital’s Gamma Knife Radiosurgery Centre, our mission is to provide state-of-the-art, patient-centered Gamma Knife radiosurgery services, setting a new standard in public sector healthcare. Rooted in compassionate care, academic excellence, and innovation, we are dedicated to offering accessible and precise neurosurgical treatment to enhance the well-being of our diverse community.

1Gamma Knife 'Icon' Installation: The center offers advanced Gamma Knife 'Icon' treatment for brain disorders.
2Radiosurgery Services: The Gamma Knife Radiosurgery Centre provides precise brain lesion treatments.
3Brain Disorder Treatment: Services cover tumors, acoustic neuroma, AVMs, and epilepsy.
4Multidisciplinary Team: A team of specialists ensures optimal patient care.
5Cutting-Edge Technology: The Leksell Gamma Knife Icon is used for its accuracy.
6Affordable Healthcare: The center offers quality care at affordable rates.
7Patient Care: Gamma Knife treatments often preserve patients' quality of life in one session.
8Treatment Planning: Specialists use detailed imaging for precise treatment planning.
9Post-Treatment Care: The center provides necessary care and guidance post-procedure.
10Follow-Up: Regular scans and communication with medical teams monitor progress.

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Gamma Knife Radiosurgery Center


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