Workshop by Dow Institute of Health Professionals Education, DUHS.

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Embarking on a journey of faculty development and empowering medical teachers as mentors, our third series of workshops focused on creating a trusting learning environment in mentoring relationships unfolded with an electrifying blend of excitement and newfound insights.
Dr. Farhan Vakani, Director & Associate Professor, Dow Institute of Health Professionals Education, facilitated this workshop. His leadership skills infused the session with vibrant energy, creating an environment conducive to impactful learning.
The workshop drew active participation from 60 senior faculty members nominated by their institutional deans and principals, representing 20 Medical and Dental Colleges across Karachi. This Faculty Development grant was awarded by the US Department of States, USEFP, and IIE, which marks a significant milestone in fostering regional and global partnerships in advancing medical education at Dow University of Health Sciences.