Importance of Nutrition for Women’s Mental and Physical Well-Being

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On Women’s Day, Dow University of Health Sciences celebrated the strength and achievements of women in both mental and physical health. The event showcased the unity and support within DUHS, symbolized by the various hues of purple.
Dr. Faisal Yameen initiated the program with insights on holistic wellness, highlighting the significance of physical activity across all aspects of life. Ms. Badder Hina emphasized the importance of nutrition for women’s mental and physical well-being.
The interactive Q&A session allowed participants to engage directly with speakers, with discussion on contemporary health issues. The yoga session, guided by Dr. Noor along with Ms Rohi Naz and Ms Mahawish Asher, instilled tranquillity and taught techniques for managing stress.
Pro Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Jahan Ara Hasan, Dr. Zeba Haque, Prof. Dr. Sumbul Shamim, and Dr. Mehnaz Director of Sports DUHS shared invaluable wisdom, inspiring all attendees. The event exemplified DUHS’s commitment to empowering women without limits, making it a day of immense pride for all associated.