Highlights of a Successful Round of the Service Excellence Training Program

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Highlights of a successful round of the Service Excellence Training program, a collaborative initiative led by the Human Resources Directorate of Dow University of Health Sciences, along with the Dow Skill Development Centre, in collaboration with the Department of Marketing, Communications, and Alumni.

The program aims to enhance the experience of patients accessing various healthcare, radiology, laboratory, and pharmacy services offered by Dow.

In attendance are esteemed figures including the Honorable Vice Chancellor, Prof. Dr. Muhammed Saeed Quraishy T.I., Pro-Vice Chancellor of Dow University Hospital Ojha Campus, Prof. Dr. Jahan Ara Hasan, and key leadership members from Dow University Hospital, Dow Radiology, Dow Laboratories, Dow Nursing, and Tertiary Care Units.

These training sessions, organized by the Dow Skill Development Centre in collaboration with the Pakistan Society of Training & Development, reflect DUHS’s commitment to continuous improvement and excellence in healthcare service delivery.