Chaand Raat Celebrations – International Students at DUHS Hostel, Ojha Campus.

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Chaand Raat Celebrations at Dow University of Health Sciences, Girls Hostel, Ojha Campus Karachi Pakistan

Prof. Dr. Jahan Ara Hassan, Prof. Dr. Zeba Haque, and Prof. Dr. Ambrina Qureshi recently orchestrated a heartwarming Chaand Raat celebration, aiming to engage and uplift the spirits of our beloved students at Dow University of Health Sciences Hostel.

Amidst the bustling excitement of Eid preparations, our DUHS Hostel Siri Lankan Students, who are celebrating away from their families, found solace and joy in this communal gathering. And let’s not forget the wonderful presence of our international students in Pakistan, adding their unique charm to the festivities

These celebrations weren’t just about marking the arrival of Eid; they were about fostering bonds, spreading happiness, and creating cherished memories together.

Here’s to the spirit of togetherness and the beauty of cultural diversity at DUHS! Let’s continue spreading love and warmth, today and always.