Awareness session on World Thyroid Day

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On Wednesday, May 29th, 2024, the Department of ENT-Head & Neck Surgery Unit-I, Dr. Ruth KM Pfau CHK, DMC-DUHS, arranged a dedicated awareness session on “World Thyroid Day,” with an emphasis on “Guidelines for the Surgical Management of Thyroid Gland Diseases.”

Prof. Iqbal Hussain Hussain, a famous ENT head and neck surgeon, facilitated the workshop. Dr. Khalid Bukhari MS-Dr. Ruth KM Pfau CHK graced the occasion as a chief guest. Prof. Dr. Zeba Ahmed, Chairperson of ENT-DUHS and HoD ENT UNIT-I organized the session as a course director.

Postgraduate trainees, ENT doctors, medical professionals, and undergraduate students received important insights about thyroid gland disease clinical evaluation, relevant investigations, treatment, and the significance of a multidisciplinary approach to thyroid gland diseases for fruitful results.