8-week Elective Rotation Undergraduate Program 3rd and 4th-year (MBBS)

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Dow University of Health Sciences, in collaboration with the Directorate of Global Engagement, DUHS, and the University of Maryland, Baltimore, initiated an 8-week Elective Rotation program for undergraduate 3rd and 4th-year MBBS students of Dow Medical College (DMC) and Dow International Medical College (DIMC).
We are pleased to announce that Misha Asif Tauni and M. Umar Abbasi from the 4th year, and Razaan Khan and Haya Shariq from the 3rd year, have successfully completed their 8th-week Elective Rotation.
We extend our gratitude to Dr. M. Mohiuddin, a Dow alumni, who spearheaded this initiative from the University of Maryland. Alongside him, 14 faculty members were involved, contributing to the success of the program.