National Institute of Liver & GI Diseases


This institution has a dedicated unit that takes care of patients suffering from liver and gastrointestinal diseases and provides state of the art health facilities to patients with specific liver diseases with respect, dignity, and through multidisciplinary approaches; In addition it is providing research and continuing academic activities.

This Institute was established in May 2004, initially on the first floor of Medical Unit V of Civil Hospital Karachi as the Sarwar Zuberi Liver Center after the name of renowned Hepatologist, Madam Sarwar Jahan Zuberi. This center worked for ten years and provided services to more than 100,000 patients. A few years later, in 2008, considering the load of Liver diseases in Pakistan and especially the Province of Sindh, a National Institute of Liver and Gastrointestinal Diseases (NILGID) was established at OJHA Campus of Dow University of health sciences.

Prof. Dr. Nadeem Syed Hassan

NILGID, DUHS provides state-of-the-art facilities at par to any advance institute worldwide. At NILGID clinic patients are seen at the consultant based clinics, where complex cases referred from not only Karachi, but from whole of Sindh, Southern Punjab, and Baluchistan and even from adjoining countries like Afghanistan and Iran are seen. Competent, professional, and highly trained faculty renowned in their specialty, work with empathy in cordial environment.

NILGID provides inpatient care and all endoscopic procedures including advance GI procedures like ERCP, EUS and enteroscopy at affordable cost (around half to one third, and even less compared to other hospitals). NILGID was the first in Pakistan to install Fibroscan machine which is used to detect liver stiffness in patients with chronic hepatitis.

A dedicated on call team provides service 24/7, 365 days a year for emergency cases, like patients presenting with gastrointestinal bleeding, a sequel of cirrhosis. At NILGID, world class Gastroenterology Fellows are being trained who will be assets to Pakistan. Screening of Dow University of Health Sciences (DUHS) employees and patients visiting DUHS clinics, followed by vaccinations for indicated individuals has been our aim. At NILGID, we regularly conduct awareness programs, educational symposia for masses inculcating awareness and encouragement for taking on responsibility.

Endoscopy Unit

NILGID has state of the art endoscopic equipment and the faculty has the expertise to perform all GI endoscopic procedures. The Endoscopy department provides round the clock coverage for all GI emergencies; the coverage also includes all public holidays.

The Endoscopy Suite is fully operational and is offering diagnostic & therapeutic endoscopic interventions. Special discounted rates are applicable for patients at NILGID for all investigations and treatments. It is functioning since Sept 2010 where serious patients are admitted in hospital or Intensive Care Unit which is fully equipped with all modern gadgets including monitors and ventilators managed by trained and experienced staff.

There are four endoscopy suites, where diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopies & colonoscopies are being performed for regular and specialized procedures. We have one dedicated fluoroscopy suite where ERCP + EUS are performed.

Public Awareness Programs

At NILGID, we have embarked upon a gastroenterology fellowship program since January 2019. We have inducted four fellows into the program till now.

Following educational activities are conducted regularly

1. Case of the month presentation

2. Journal Club

3. Clinical pathological conference

4. Topic Review

5. Morbidity & Mortality meeting

6. Research Meeting

7. Multi-disciplinary Tumor Meeting (MDTM)

8. Review of guidelines

9. Histopathology rounds

10. EGD with Dilation for Achalasia

Public Awareness programs are also regularly held to increase the awareness of GI and liver diseases amongst the general population. In particular, seminars on hepatitis are conducted by our faculty. World hepatitis day is a yearly regular feature organized by NILGID.

Interventions Offered at NILGID

Interventional Endoscopies

These endoscopies prevent major surgeries:

  • Balloon Dilatation OD Pyloric Strictures
  • Pneumatic Balloon Dilatation of Achalasia
  • Sclerotherapy / Coagulation Therapy for Bleeding Duodenal Ulcers
  • Sclerotherapy (Histoacryl Injection) Gastric Varices
  • ERCP with Stone Removal and Stenting
  • Percutaneous Gastrostomy (Peg) Tube Insertion
  • Polypectomies
  • Hemoclip Application
  • Esophageal Banding
  • Ultrasound Guided Interventions (Biopsies, Drainage)
  • Esophageal Stenting
  • Pyloric Stenting

Services Offered

NILGID has dedicated team with trained staff to take care of variceal and non-variceal bleeders for prompt management. It provides all advanced diagnostic and therapeutic interventions. Approximately up to 30 to 40 endoscopic procedures are performed daily; Furthermore, Gastroscopies, colonoscopies, polypectomies, and variceal band ligation are routinely performed. In addition to this, complex therapeutic procedures that involve fluoroscopy like EUS, ERCPs, stenting, dilatations are also being performed in the unit.

Emergency Services

NILGID also provides emergency services for patients with upper and lower gastrointestinal bleeding. These and other gastrointestinal procedures are available round the clock.

Fibro Scan

The most modern and latest equipment, such as a Fibro Scan machine has been installed for the first time in Pakistan at the National Institute of Liver and Gastro Intestinal Diseases. This is a unique machine which provides same information as of liver fibrosis non-invasively. Hence, without the need for a liver biopsy, timely and correct diagnoses can be made for the management of the patients with chronic liver diseases. NILGID has a novel Elastography machine by which liver stiffness and fibrosis is measured noninvasively.

The following services are available at NILGID:

  • Esophagogastroduodenoscopy (EGD)
    • Diagnostic
    • EGD with Dilation
    • EGD with Foreign body removal
    • EGD with APC
    • EGD with stenting of Esophagus, Pylorus, and Duodenum
    • EGD with Band ligation of varices
    • EGD with Histoacryl injection of Gastric varices
    • EGD with Sclerotherapy
    • EGD with control of UGI bleeding
    • EGD with Dilation for Achalasia
  • Enteroscopy
  • ERCP
    • Diagnostic
    • ERCP with CBD stone extraction
    • ERCP with management of Pancreas Divisum and P.D. stone
    • ERCP with Stenting
  • Feeding tube placement
    • EGD with PEG tube placement and replacement
    • EGD with Naso-jujenal tube placement
  • Fibroscan
  • Esophageal Manometry
  • 24 hour pH monitoring
  • EUS
    • Diagnostic
    • EUS with FNA
  • Flexible Sigmoidoscopy
  • Colonoscopy
    • Diagnostic
    • Colonoscopy with Polypectomy
    • Colonoscopy with control of LGI bleeding
    • Colonoscopy with stenting


Consultant OPD Schedule

Days Morning OPD
From 09:30am to 01:00pm
Afternoon OPD
From 02:00pm
Monday Dr. Abdullah Bin Khalid
Dr. Tayyab Usmani
Dr. Ajit Kumar
Dr. Hafeez Ullah Shaikh
Dr. Sabhita Shabbir
Dr. Qutubuddin Khuhro
Tuesday Prof. Zahid Azam
Dr. Ahsan Ali Darbari
Dr. Abdullah Bin Khalid
Dr. Hafeez Ullah Shaikh
Dr. Sabhita Shabbir
Wednesday Dr. Hafeez Ullah Shaikh
Dr. Ahsan Ali Darbari
Dr. Abdullah Bin Khalid
Dr. Tayyab Usmani
Dr. Sabhita Shabbir
Thursday Dr. Abdullah Bin Khalid
Dr. Sabhita Shabbir
Dr. Ajit Kumar
Prof. Zahid Azam
Dr. Ahsan Ali Darbari
Friday Dr. Hafeez Ullah Shaikh
Dr. Tayyab Usmani
Dr. Ahsan Ali Darbari
Dr. Ajit Kumar
Dr. Shayan Ali
Saturday Prof. Zahid Azam
Dr. Sabhita Shabbir
Dr. Hafeez Ullah Shaikh
Dr. Tayyab Usmani
Dr. Ahsan Ali Darbari
Dr. Shahid Majid
Monday to Saturday Dr. Saba Nafay

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