Spiritual Journey of Ramadan

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On Wednesday, March 20, 2024, the Community Service and Sustainability Society (CSSS) at the Institute of Business and Health Management, Dow University of Health Sciences, organized a session focusing on the Spiritual Journey of Ramadan.
The session featured Shujauddin Sheikh Sahab, who shared heartfelt insights, highlighting the profound impact of faith on individuals and communities. The event saw a large turnout, including principals, faculty, and students.
The session was concluded with a vote of thanks, and a memento which was presented to Shujauddin Sheikh Sahab by Dr. Izhar Hussain, Dr. Asima Faisal, Prof. Dr. Sumbul Shamim, Dr. Tayyaba Amir, Dr. Mehnaz Gitay, Dr. Fakhsheena Anjum, Mr. Syed Tariq Shahid, and Ms. Yasmeen Lecturer,  Coordinator Societies & Patron CSSS.

The session concluded, leaving attendees inspired and reflective on the spiritual significance of Ramadan.