The Quality Enhancement Cell at Dow University of Health Sciences was established in the 1st phase of HEC implementation in 2006, along with 29 other cells in various public sector universities throughout Pakistan. The prime objective of these cells is to practice evaluative measures in order to achieve excellence in program delivery.


A mechanism of establishment of Quality Enhancement Cells was also developed by the Quality Assurance Committee in order to improve the standards and quality of higher education in a systematic way, with uniformity across the country.


The QECS are created to enhance the quality of output and efficiency of the higher education learning systems.


Time Frame of Establishment:

  • In 2006-07 initially established in ten public sector universities as mandated by HEC.
  • 2007-08, twenty more QECs were established in the public sector universities for improvement of their academic, teaching and learning standards.
  • By 2010-11- 24 Public Sector Universities.
  • QEC Established in 2008 at DUHS.