Pakistan College of General Practitioners

E-CME Programme


Welcome to E-CME PROGRAMME of Dow University of Health Sciences!

DUHS is going to launch its web-based electronic-Continuing Medical Education Programme as the "e-CME Lecture Series for Family Physicians" . This e-learning programme shall be run by Pakistan College of General Practitioners e-Center and supported by Media Cell of the DUHS.

The Family Physicians are the professionals whose recognition of disease symptoms, initial intervention and planning count towards the subsequent outcome of advanced and definitive management of the diseases at referral centers.

Therefore, an e-CME programme has been developed with a " busy adult learner " in mind and made available for learning at your home or workplace in your free time. Nevertheless, a validity time has been set for assessment of each module.

A Module being the unit, contain a number of   video lectures related to a topic. Each module shall signify a particular aspect of interest and provide the core and essential knowledge in that particular area of interest required for safe practice of medicine and patient care.  A number of 5-10 recorded lectures shall thus comprise a module. Each video lecture in a module shall be of 35-45 minutes& duration and at the end of each lecture there shall be 5-10 post-test questions

About 30 to 40 modules shall form this course. CME credit hours shall be awarded when all the post-tests in a Module have been attempted successfully as required.

A number of CPD workshops shall be arranged with the Professional Development Center DUHS and other Institutes of Dow University of Health Sciences to provide hands-on training as application of knowledge to practice.

These Workshops though an integral part of this e-CME course may or may not be entirely free.

This modular course shall be the Level I activity and considered mandatory for all grades of practitioners.

In due course the Pakistan College of General Practitioners shall conduct special trainings to develop interest groups for managed care, research development and planning for growth, and or further qualifications in General Practice.

These trained and qualified General Practitioners shall be able to revive and strengthen our national health delivery system, and shape the future of our new generation of practitioners.

Through collaborations and complementary roles, and following the vision and philosophy behind Family Practice and Primary Care the Pakistan College of General Practitioners  shall be able to bring about positive changes in the health of the people and lives of the General Practitioners, Insha Allah!.