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Admission Requirement

Undergraduate Programs

Applicants to the BBA Program must have completed their:

Higher Secondary School Certificate with a minimum of 2nd Division

A Levels with minimum of 2 `B`s and 1 `C`s in 3 principal subjects such that there should be on grade less than `C` across the 3 principal subjects. No credit is applicable for any subsidiary, general or advanced supplementary paper.

American High School Diploma with a minimum of 60% or an International Baccalaureate with at least 30 points out of 45

Graduate Programs

Applicants to the MBA, MBA (Evening) and EMBA Programs must have:

MBA - 2.5 years (66 credit hours)

A minimum of 16 years of education non business (Post 16 years of education)

MBA 3.5 years (96 credit hours)

A minimum of 14 years education in the last degree

EMBA 2 years (66 credit hours)

A minimum of 14 years education with 4 years middle level management working experience

 ``The quest for excellence is the will to become what you are capable of becoming, and just a little more.``

The DUHS-IHM offers full-time degree programs at its constituted institute &lsquoInstitute of Health Management&rsquo with variety of other programs at the campus also both in morning and evening. It is not uncommon to find entrepreneurs, practicing managers, government employees and technocrats attending these programs. The diversity in their work backgrounds makes the interaction a rich educational experience. The Master&rsquos Program offers specialization in the field of Health Management, Hospital Administration, Pharmaceutical Management, Management, Human Resource Management, Finance, and Marketing.

The programs of study are as follows:

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA Morning Program)

The BBA Program at IHM is a full-time 4-year bachelor program. This program consists of 48 courses of 144 credit hours cumulative. Out of these, 44 courses are compulsory and 4 are electives. The program offers specialization in Health Management, Hospital Administration, and Pharmaceutical Management among others.

MBA Morning Program

The MBA Morning Program is a full-time program conducted at IHM. The campus is located at Duhs Ojha Campus. The program consists of foundation, core courses, electives and MBA Project (equivalent to 1 course workload). A total of 90-96 credit hours for 3.5 years program and 66-72 credit units are needed for these MBA programs. A minimum of 4 from elective courses are needed to complete a major in a special field (Health Care Management, Hospital Administration, Pharmaceutical Management, Marketing, Management, Finance or Human Resources Management). Students will be required to complete a 6-8 week summer internship as well.

MBA Evening Program

The MBA Evening Program is offered at the same campus. The duration of this program may vary depending on the capacity of the student to complete the course load during each semester. The minimum time allowed also varies depending up their program&rsquos scheme in which they were enrolled. While the maximum duration for completing the program is 7 years. The program consists of foundation, core courses, electives and MBA Project (equivalent to 1 course workload). A total of 90-96 credit hours for 3.5 years program and 66-72 credit units are needed for these MBA programs. A minimum of 4 from elective courses are needed to complete a major in a special field (Health Care Management, Hospital Administration, Pharmaceutical Management, Marketing, Management, Finance or Human Resources Management). In lieu of internship students have to submit the waiver of internship soon they complete the degree requirement.

Executive MBA

This program provides an opportunity for experienced professionals to obtain a Master`s degree in Business Administration on a schedule that minimizes disruption of work and personal pursuits.

Executive MBA program is designed for middle level managers to senior executives and business leaders who want to strengthen their expertise. IHM offers this unique training program for working executives who wish to advance to the highest levels of the corporate ladder, especially managers who are seeking C-suite (CEO, CFO, COO etc) or entrepreneurial roles. Keeping in mind the present day the public sector executives must have sufficient knowledge to implement necessary changes in the organizations they work for. They also require exercising more contemporary measures so as to ensure effective functioning of the concerned parties along with an increase in coordination between government and its partners. The pedagogy and curriculum of the MBA Executive Program incorporate a variety of techniques, which enable the executive from the public sector to learn and apply the contemporary measures in a manner which promotes and enriches the overall quality of public-sector service.

Diploma Courses

In today`s cut-throat competitive market environment, health services providing organizations cannot afford to just satisfy patients, attendants and customers. In order to be good or survive in the market and win patient/attendant and customers the organizations need to delight their customers. This situation demands professionally trained staff in relevant field that is thoroughly understand their customers and clients needs & wants and provide them a complete solution better than the competitors.

To retain customers and to open the window of opportunity for the future business, a close and professional contact with the customer has always been demanded by this cut throat situation.

Benefit to the participants

This diploma program has been designed to give Health professionals an in-depth exposure to various components of health management, administration and health care functions and the latest practices in this discipline. It will help participants to formulate their strategy for winning customers and achieving their targets.

Courses Details

Health Care Leadership and Change Management

Legal consideration and health services organization

Marketing of health services

Strategic Management

General and personal management in hospital

Over view of financial management and inventory control in hospital

Organizational behavior in health care setting

Pharmaceutical marketing and branding

Supply Chain Management

Regulatory affairs and ethical issues

Pharma Economics

Marketing Management

Human Resource Management

Healthcare Planning and Policy

Quality Assurance in Hospital Administration and Healthcare Management

Course Methodology

Lecture, group discussion, assignments, case studies, videos, seminars, guest lectures and surprise quizzes.

Participant Profile

This program is designed for all front line and middle management professionals who are directly or indirectly involved in health and pharmaceutical industry operations and who are interested in embracing them with the latest concepts and practices in the field of customer care in health services providers and pharma industries to enhance chances for their promotion and better opportunities in abroad also.

Course Duration/Days

The program is of 3-month duration. Classes will be conducted in the weekends (Saturday and Sunday) in the evening and morning from 6-9pm and 10-1pm respectively.

Fee Structure

There will be no discount in fee. DUHS reserves the right to increase fee/charges without prior notice.


Admissions to DUHS-IHMs Programs are given totally on merit. The candidate must possess a bachelor`s degree from any recognized university/institute. He/she should have a minimum of four years working experience and preferably be working in an organization. If a candidate has passed only FA/F.Sc or equivalent but has more than five years experience, his/her case may be considered for admission by DUHS. Admission to the Diploma will be cancelled if at any time, during the course of study, the documents of the candidate are found to be incorrect/false/invalid.

Selection and Admission Procedure

Admission to the Diploma is based on a systematic ion procedure. Following documents are to be submitted:

Candidates possessing Bachelor`s Degree must submit Application Form (duly filled), along with photocopy of Matric/O level, Intermediate/A level and Bachelor`s Degree and proof of experience.

Candidates who do not have Bachelor&rsquos degree must submit Application form (duly filled), along with

DUHS reserves the right to accept or reject any candidate at the interview stage without assigning any reasons.

Application Form

Application form can be obtained or downloaded from DUHS/IHM website. The form must be submitted in original along with above mentioned documents/testimonials at DUHS Admission Cell, 3rd Floor along with a pay order of Rs. 1500/- in favor of Dow University of Health Sciences Karachi or at Institute of Health Management (IHM).

Certificate Courses

Candidates interested in attending single course of MBA or EMBA program, whether it is being offered in the morning or evening, are awarded certificate upon successful completion of the course. These certificate courses are available for people with a bachelor`s degree or equivalent from a recognized university. Relaxation in this requirement may be allowed for candidates sponsored by their employers. However an individual can also attend one or more courses with regular students to enhance his/her knowledge even meet his/her short of credit hours requirement of other universities/institutes. These courses are useful for those who cannot join the full length degree programs. Selection of candidates is based on interview with Institute&rsquos Director/Director Admissions of DUHS. Students can have their status converted to that of visiting students can have their status converted to that of visiting students upon request, before the first hourly examination of the course.

The Institute also admits, without any prerequisite visiting students in one or more MBA courses both in the morning & evening programs, provided seats are available. These students are will have to pay full course(s) tuition fee and examination fee also. The visiting participants are awarded a certificate with proper grade for attending the course if they maintain the attendance requirement and appeared in both mid and final term examinations. A certificate or visiting student is not allowed to have his/her status changed to that of a regular student during the semester