SARWAR ZUBERI LIVER CENTRE was established by Dow University six years back as the first liver centre of Dow University, at a Medical Unit of Civil Hospital Karachi, considering the burden of liver diseases in Pakistan. The facilities offered to the patients include.

Screening for Hepatitis B and C (HBV) and (HCV)
Immunization for Hepatitis B (HBV)
Treatment of HCV, HBV and HDV at 50% or less of cost
Treatment of Hep-D patients at low cost
Screening and immunization camps in and around Karachi.

Endoscopies and Liver biopsies are also performed, when required, besides counseling and dietary services. The data is computerized and several research papers have been presented or published.

More than 25,000 patients have been registered at SZLC of DUHS until now.