INSTITUTE OF MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY (IMT) has been established, to overcome lack of trained and qualified technical supporting staff in Pakistan. This deficiency hampers the ability of highly qualified physicians and surgeons to provide optimum management and care. Medical Technologists are recognized globally as important and essential members of the health care team, not only for routine medical and surgical care but also for emergency medicine, critical care and management of disaster victims.

It offers a four years degree program in four specialties:

Clinical Pathology
Critical Care
Operation Theatre

Additional courses started from 2011 include those for ECG & Echocardiography technicians and perfusionist.

Options are also available for those  students who are unable to pursue  a degree program. They can be awarded diploma of an Associate in Medical Technology.

It has eight semesters over four years and comprises of a core course where training is imparted in Basic Computer Skills, English proficiency, Behavioral Sciences, Research Methodology and Fundamentals of Basic Medical Sciences  The Institute has its own state of the art Skill Laboratory and a 26 station Digital library with Internet and PERN connectivity. Practical classes are held in well equipped Science laboratories.

Additional training programs at Institute of Medical Technology include:
Adult Echocardiography / vascular technician course
Cardiac technologist training program
Electrocardiography training program
Technician courses for ultrasound, radiography, CT scan and MRI.