INSTITUTE OF BASIC MEDICAL SCIENCES (IBMS) has been established for MPhil and PhD courses in Basic Sciences including Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry, Pathology, Microbiology and Pharmacology to develop human resources. It is a part of medical research city. The building has spacious air conditioned lecture halls and seminar rooms having necessary audio visual multimedia facilities. It also provides an opportunity for generation of synthesis of learning, grooming of analytical minds and critical thinking to prepare graduates for life-long learning as a subject specialist. The contemporary techniques involved in basic sciences research activities, is conducted in the labs of different departments, which are well equipped with modern instruments for variety of anatomical, physiological, biochemical, hematological, pathological, pharmacological, immunological and molecular biological experiments for specific research. The curriculum has been designed with multidisciplinary approach, focusing at molecular and cellular level. In addition, core and supportive courses will provide competencies in research Biostatistics, critical analysis, interpersonal communication and computer skills. This institute will help in bridging the deficiency gap of human recourses in basic medical sciences.