The Vision is to become academic leader in medical education by generating creative, collaborative, contextual resources…… so as to have high quality research and to improve overall health care system to benefit the community, by producing highly knowledgeable and skilled undergraduate and postgraduates and enhancing the skills of the faculty and staff, and to have transparent and fool proof working system in all domains of the university.


The Dow University conceived of and wrote its Mission in June 2004. It was presented and discussed in the Syndicate meeting and finally it was approved by the University Syndicate.

Vice Chancellor, Dow University and a team of professors were involved in designing/ setting the Mission of the University.

The Mission of DUHS has been reviewed by a core group comprising senior faculty/ professors, administrative heads and medical educationists.

Since Dow University is a public sector university, main problems regarding living up to the Mission are lack of sustainable adequate financial resources.

The Mission of Dow University is used to guide personnel decisions by providing the university with a guideline to decide the hiring of the most competent professionals who are qualified, experienced and expert in their designated/ specialized fields and who can, thus, serve the community more diligently and effectively by giving their best output/ contribution towards the promotion of quality health education.

Not only has the Mission provided the university with a guideline to induct qualified professionals, but also to groom them through on going professional development programs in each field to sustain the intellectual capital to be further used to meet the needs of specialized programs and their effective fulfillment in line with the requirements of regulatory bodies, stakeholders’ expectations and national and international standards.

The Mission of Dow University is also used to determine program and course offerings as all the undergraduate and post graduate programs that are being offered at DUHS are offered after a careful need assessment in each specialized field. For example the Doctor of Physiotherapy, Masters of Physiotherapy programs, BS programs in Occupational Therapy, Prosthetics & Orthotics, Dental Care Professionals, Dental Surgery, Pharmacy, Nursing, Medical Technologists etc all are in line with DUHS mission to strengthen the patient care needs, services and education.

The Mission of Dow University is also used to guide budget decisions because the programs which are being offered at DUHS are not only unique in nature but also have minimal fee structure. Some programs like Masters in Biostatistics and Epidemiology, Doctor of Physiotherapy, Masters of Physiotherapy, Masters in Dental Surgery, Masters in Diabetes and Endocrinology, Masters in Health Professional and MBA in Health Management programs are not being offered in any other medical university in the region. While other programs fee structure is far lower than the fee structure of the same program in other medical universities in the region.

Similarly, as the mission is "to provide cost effective, contextually relevant high quality community service through its faculty, and graduates and staff", the patient care services provided at Dow Diagnostic Research and Reference Lab (DDRRL), Dow Radiology Complex, Dow University Artificial Limb (DUAL) Center, National Institute Of Liver & GIT Diseases (NILGID), Ojha Institute Of Chest Diseases (OICD) are far cheaper than other clinical labs, hospitals and community health services centre all over Pakistan. Costly artificial limbs are provided either free of cost or with minimum charges. Likewise, the charges of the lab tests at DDRRL of DUHS and Dow Radiology Complex are almost three times less than charges of other labs. For details of patient care community services at Dow University, please visit,

The mission defines the purposes of the university very well. The vision and mission of DUHS focus on three major areas:

  • Provision of quality education
  • Promotion of Research culture and output
  • Provision of best community services.
All these areas are being addressed by the university and giving out their best results in fulfilling the purposes of the university as envisioned.

Being a medical university, the cornerstone of the Vision of Dow University is "to be an Academic Leader by generating creative, collaborative, contextual resources to improve health through scholarship and services". Since its establishment as a university in 2003, the outstanding progress and accomplishments of Dow University within such a short time span of only eight years is sufficient enough to meet its vision, mission and goals clearly.

Moreover, it is not just a medical university but a Model Medical University that provides other medical universities with a pathway to follow in every field of medicine and allied health sciences through its unique, low cost programs, quality education, best community services and great research output.


Critical thinking, Compassion, Learning, Probity, Responsibility, Service, Tolerance, Altruism


  • Develop and utilize contemporary approaches in education and research to produce future leaders in health professions
  • Promote an atmosphere of mutual respect, trust and teamwork to achieve the common goal of improved health and patient care
  • Share and advance knowledge and expertise through national and international collaborations
  • Foster research through scientific investigations, Capacity building and national international research collaborations
  • Impart health education to the masses for improving health status of community.
  • Identify the health their root causes and remedies through different resources.
  • Work with all the stakeholders including the respective communities in identifying and resolving the issues affecting health and wellbeing of the communities.
  • Promote and practice cost effective, evidence-based service in local context.