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(STUDENTS OF SEMESTER VIII - FOURTH YEAR MBBS - 2017) The students of Semester VIII, who find their name in the enclosed clinical posting short attendance list, are directed to report immediately to the prescribed clinical unit(s) for completion of their missed clinical training of first three postings. Please also note, that in cases of training deficit in more than one unit at a time only one clinical unit must be attended and after completion of one training next unit shall be joined. * Any student who missed training of the last scheduled posting can also start making up training deficit with approval of the HOD & clinical posting coordinator of the concerned unit. Upon completion of missed training the clearance obtained from clinical unit shall be submitted to Coordination Cell-DMC.
Short Attendance List of first three Clinical Postings of Semester VIII Fourth Year MBBS 2017.

(NOTICE) (STUDENTS OF SEMESTER VIII- FOURTH YEAR MBBS - 2017) The following students of Fourth Year MBBS - Semester VIII-2017 have been withheld from Module Test of Neurosciences Module (scheduled on Monday 30th October 2017) due to their short attendance. - 01/2013/093 Ammar Ahmed S/o Mansoor Ahmed - 01/2013/196 Hasham Saeed S/o Saeed Akhtar - 01/2013/265 M. Asfandyar Malik S/o Kamal Ahmed - 01/2013/296 Soubia Akhter D/o Mustafeez Akhter - 01/2013/342 Nadeem Abbas S/o Manzoor Ahmed - 01/2013/350 Dilwash D/o Achar - 01/2011/242 Adil Ahmed S/o Musadaq lqbal

(Late Reporting of Semester VIII - 4th Year MBBS Students for Clinical Posting) This is to inform you that today i.e. Thursday 12th October, 2017 the students of 4th Year MBBS Semester VIII will report at 12:15 pm to their respective clinical unit for clinical posting; due to attending a mandatory guest speaker session arranged by undersigned.

(ATTENTION STUDENTS OF SEM VIII - FOURTH YEAR MBBS - 2017) The following students of 4th Year - Semester VIII-2017 are no eligible (due to short attendance) to appear in the module test of Dermatology, Rehabilitation & Genetics Module to be held on 30th August, 2017.
01/2013/200 ALEENA
01/2013/265 M. ASFANDYAR MALIK
01/2013/342 NADEEM ABBAS.

(Updated) List of Eligible Students of Semester VIII (EYE/ENT) Module

Clinical Posting Schedule for 4th Year (Semester VIII) MBBS 2017 Effective From 30-06-2017

Attendance Sheet Sem VIII-EYE 2016-2017

Attendance Sheet Sem VIII-ENT 2016-2017

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